Electric Iodine

The first great triumph of applying the Scientific Method to improving the human condition was the discovery of Iodine and the realization that adequate intake is essential to human health.

Iodine is the heaviest element that is absolutely required for multicellular life. There is no controversy that adequate iodine intake is required for optimal human health, or that billions of humans around the world don’t get enough.

Enlargement of the thyroid gland — goitre – is frequently caused by iodine deficiency. Many other conditions are exacerbated by iodine deficiency.


Many think that people in the First-world don’t have to worry about getting enough iodine because of the iodization of salt. But in the real world, Iodized Salt is an inferior way to assure adequate Iodine intake.

Many processed foods are made with non-iodized salt, for aesthetic reasons. Not all salts at grocery stores are iodized. The packages are frequently unclear as to their contents, and make no distinction between iodized and non-iodized versions. Stockers at many grocery stores mix containers in the salt displays:

How many shoppers at this store notice that there are two kinds of salt in this display?

The Forgotten Importance of Iodine

Science is typically obsessed with the ‘latest and greatest’. Research grants are easy to get for new discoveries, NOT rehashes of “settled science”: the discovery of iodine, the discovery of Iodine’s importance to multi-cellular life, and the triumph of iodine supplementation at reducing human suffering.

The Japanese are the only population that doesn’t need to be concerned about getting enough iodine, as sea products makes up a significant percentage of their diet. Everyone else would probably benefit from iodine supplementation.

The standard test to reveal an individual’s iodine levels measures the amount of iodine in a person’s urinary. The thyroid traps all the iodine it encounters until it has ‘enough’. People whose bodies are iodine-deficient have very little iodine in their urine. This test is commonly done in developing countries to evaluate the population’s iodine levels.

Electric Iodine – A Safe Way to Supplement Iodine

Electrically treated iodine is iodine that has been dissolved in alcohol, then treated with an electric field. It is consumed by adding a few drops to water and taken on an empty stomach. Iodine taken in this manner is an effective way to increase your total-body iodine levels.

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One drop of this electrically-treated iodine supplement provides 200 micrograms of Iodine, which is approximately the recommended daily allowance of iodine. A few drops a week will ensure that you get enough of this vital nutrient. (Levels of dietary iodine vastly higher than the Recommended Daily Allowance – as in some iodine pills – may suppress thyroid activity.)

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